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Would you ever dare tell a bride her wedding dress was ugly? Brooke did, in today's Phone Tap! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2020-08-06-phone-tap-wedding-dress-disaster/

We received a bunch of audio comments from listeners with thoughts about the show, and they left us everything from confused, to bewildered, to even a little terrified. https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-05-14-listener-audio-may-14/

Pretending to be a high school student and passing out your social links on campus is not a good look... https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-05-14-laser-stories-may-14/

If you're looking for a date for wedding season, stay far away from this batch of Loser Line voicemails. https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-05-14-loser-line-may-14/

Hey! We know that guy! @hilariousjose @JmoSmooth13 @NewDayNW https://www.king5.com/video/entertainment/television/programs/new-day-northwest/will-you-admit-to-showering-less-amidst-the-pandemic-hot-topics-new-day-nw/281-4135559d-0c8e-4c6f-bd2b-f38c5129bf47

One of our listeners has a fool-proof plan for dating success, and he said it’s game-changing and involves a LOT of drinking... BEFORE the date...https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-05-14-second-date-nate-and-carolyn-pre-loaded-spa-bonanza/

Today’s Phone Tap victim just wanted her groceries delivered, but with Jose on the job, she’ll probably be better off destroying them rather than eating them.

The "Friends" reunion special is PACKED with guest appearances from BTS to Lady Gaga to Reese Witherspoon! Will you be watching May 27th?

Is this about to be the best summer ever? ?
Instead of The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" it's Young Jeffrey's "Grinding Nights!" https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-05-14-grinding-nights-young-jeffreys-song-of-the-week/

SHOCK COLLAR Q: What are the Top 5 most commonly Google'd questions of the last 15 years? https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-05-14-shock-collar-question-may-14/

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