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He's a great host, singer & friend... but most of all, today he's the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday @ItsYoungJeffrey 🎂🥳

Today we call a woman who believes she’s a PERFECT neighbor. But now that we’ve moved to the area, we’re ready to start some beef! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-01-19-phone-tap-bumper-sticker-x/

Coming from the experts of bad dates, and the show some people refer to as the "Love Graveyard," one woman's TikTok story that's gone viral is seriously the worst first date we've heard! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-10-15-tik-tok-horror-first-date-october-15/

It's the radio segment that's 38% candy corn... LASER STORIES! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-10-15-laser-stories-october-15/

After months of unsuccessful swiping, one of our listeners secured a date but blew it and was ghosted after just one meetup. Now he’s come to us to ask for help! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-10-15-second-date-joseph-and-tyra-dine-and-ghost/

In today’s Phone Tap, Jose is posing as a new hire brought on while the boss was on vacation, and for his first day he has one request: Can the boss act like his BFF for his first day of work? https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-10-15-phone-tap-cool-boss-best-friend/

Adele got BRUTALLY HONEST about her divorce in her new song "Easy on Me"! We're listening on repeat!

For all that teachers have done over the past two years, this one's for you! Instead of Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie" it's Young Jeffrey's "Teach 'Em How To Study"

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