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Today’s Phone Tap victim is about to learn his new landlord is a huge big-time conspiracy theorist. Get your tinfoil hat ready for your Phone Tap! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-03-16-phone-tap-conspiracy-landlord/

In today’s Second Date, we’re trying to help convince one woman that her BFF isn’t just down to fool around, but he might actually be full on boyfriend material. It might be our toughest test to date...

We got a request to Phone Tap one of our listener’s single friends so we wrangled that Latin lover “Rolando” to show her the ways of love! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-09-08-phone-tap-rolandos-interrupting-maid/

What does your Elf on the Shelf do when you're not looking? That dude parties! Instead of Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry" it's Young Jeffrey's "Tiny, So Tiny" https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2022-11-25-tiny-so-tiny-demi-lovato-parody-young-jeffreys-song-of-the-week/

What are the Top 4 highest grossing Christmas movies of all time (not including the Grinch)? https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2022-11-25-shock-collar-question-november-25/

In today's Phone Tap, we’re offering a brand new upgrade to a popular streaming service. It’s complimentary, comprehensive and a cacophony. Introducing: Disney Plus Plus! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-02-22-phone-tap-disney-plus-plus/

We’ve have never EVER helped someone do what the guy in today’s Textual Healing is asking us to do. We’re uncomfortable about it but we’re pushing through. Is breaking up with someone over text an unforgivable move? https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2020-09-03-textual-healing-break-up-text/

One of our listeners went a light-speed on his first date and what he said to her left us shuddering at the massive levels of cringe. https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-02-01-second-date-brian-and-renee-i-love-you-meet-my-dad/

In your Phone Tap: Brooke calls a guy who just got rid of a raccoon infestation. But Brooke works for the city and she’s going to clamp down on him for his illegal eviction! https://www.brookeandjeffrey.com/content/2021-03-12-phone-tap-raccoon-rescue/

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Brooke & Jeffrey in the morning! 🦃

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